CAP National Commander Visits Hawker Squadron

Gen Vazquez visits Hawker Squadron
Lt Col Leslie Vazquez, Maj Gen Joe Vazquez, Capt Alan Yudkowsky, Capt Charles Christian

At our regular Monday meeting on the evening of March 13, Squadron 128 was treated to a couple of special guests, none other than CAP National Commander, Maj Gen Joe Vazquez, along with his wife, Lt Col Leslie Vazquez.


Gen. Vazquez joined in a discussion of ADS-B, providing some valuable insight into CAP’s adoption of NextGen, the FAA’s overhaul of the National Airspace System.  He and Leslie both also gave some candid and informative remarks about CAP and their own personal involvement in the organization.  Gen. Vazquez commented that attending a squadron meeting was a refreshing experience for both he and his wife, noting that as national commander, he often exists “inside a bubble,” and reminded us that the heart of CAP is at the squadron level.

Gen Vazquez and the Hawkers
Maj Gen Vazquez and the Hawkers

Gen. Vazquez has been National Commander since Aug. 15, 2014 and first joined CAP as a cadet over 40 years ago.  Over the decades he has served as Group Commander, Wing Commander, Region Commander and is still a qualified Check Pilot Examiner.  Lt Col Leslie Vazquez most recently served as the CAP’s National Standardization/Evaluation Advisor.